It may seem trivial, but the only truly effective method to lessen the symptoms of a hangover is to prevent its appearance.

What causes discomfort after drinking?
Cramps, nausea and headaches? Unfortunately this is the price to pay after an evening of overdrinking alcoholic beverages. When the kidneys begin the process of eliminating alcohol they dehydrate the body. In addition sugars are lowered. When the sugar level in the blood is too low, the body doesn’t send sufficient “fuel” to cells, tissues and organs to perform their functions in the best way possible.


In addition to the advice not to abuse alcohol, water must be your greatest ally during busy evenings. Alternating alcoholic beverages with water will help reduce the negative effects caused by alcohol. Drink plenty of water even before going to bed, ideally 1 liter.

The next day

Banana and vitamin C are recommended to replenish vitamins.
Other foods that can definitely help you the following day are avocado, salmon, eggs, most of vegetables and we suggest drinking coconut water and tea with ginger and lemon.