We are attached to our land, without which nothing would be possible, and to our roots that gave us life. At the same time, however, we are also dreamers looking beyond the tops of the rows of our vineyards, projecting ourselves towards new challenges and new horizons.

Wine production is a lengthy process made up of care, attention, research, analysis, and vision.

In a world where quality can often be taken for granted, we make it stand out. We are attentive to the long supply chain requiring excellence at every step, and we take care of every detail to ensure the very highest quality levels.

The production philosophy of our winery is the creation of wines with an excellent quality to price ratio, and a strong link with the territory. Wines that are the fruit of commitment and effort dedicated to all those who already appreciate them, and to all those who will soon discover them.

We have always aimed to enhance the peculiarities of each product, paying utmost attention to every phase of the work, from the vineyard to the cellar. But we don’t stop there: our presence and commitment are also evident in our customer service and constant support.

We want to first of all establish a friendship with our partners, going far beyond a simple business relationship to create a long-term bond that allows both to grow together, just like in a family.

We are the perfect partner because:

  • We are a medium-sized company, and therefore dynamic and flexible.
  • We are highly attentive to customer service and care, both pre and post sales.
  • We invest in research and development, in order to continuously improve.
  • We are already present in over 25 markets around the world in the Horeca and Retail sectors.
  • We offer the opportunity to package products with private labels, and take on lower order than competitors.

Want to become a partner? Contact us. We are at your full disposal!

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