Our Story

Founded in 1960, in Bertiolo, Italy, CABERT has been synonymous with authenticity and the tradition of wine for over sixty years.

More than 60 years have passed since Cabert could be defined as a small winery. Over 200 hectolitres of wine are bottled every day and distributed to more than 25 countries. However, despite this, we have never forgotten and we never forget that quality is not measured by the size of the winery, but by the quality of the wine. While continuing to enter new markets, our commitment to guaranteeing you the very best products is not only constant, but is the foundation on which our philosophy is based.


It was 1960 when the Cantina Sociale del Friuli Centrale cooperative winery was inaugurated in Bertiolo, later becoming CABERT, as an acronym for Cantina di Bertiolo.

Bringing to life CABERT were 24 partners with centuries of passion behind them, as well as sincere attention for their vines, and a cultural heritage handed down from generation to generation.


Just 8 years after the winery’s establishment, the facilities already needed to be expanded to cope with the increase in the quantities of grapes and ever-increasing orders coming in.


The Bag-in-Box format was adopted. Our winery was among the very first to adopt this innovative format, in order to maintain an approach oriented not only to developments in the latest technologies and consumer demands, but to respect for the environment and our planet.


CABERT embarked on its first social initiatives, which have continued to grow over the years, such as support for the field of oncology, particularly paediatric oncology, the Italian Bone Marrow Donors Association (ADMO) and the Telethon Foundation. These are essential activities that CABERT carries out to this day.


Since the 1960s, the numerous expansions to the winery have never stopped, right up until the construction of the last piece in 2016, with the construction of a warehouse for products ready for shipment, stored in a controlled atmosphere to preserve all their qualities.