The CABERT vineyards, a panorama of sun-kissed lands, covered since ancient times with prized vine varieties. An anonymous traveller from the Late Middle Ages wrote “pulchreas vineas Bertegoli”, in praise of a dolomitic limestone soil made of pebbles, conglomerates and sand. Cabert, established in 1960 in Bertiolo, the farming village located in the middle of the “Friuli Grave ” plain, the natural habitat of the “beautiful vineyards” which is now one of the most renowned grape-growing zones of Controlled Origin Denomination, exalts the tradition expressed through time by the noble families to which it belongs.

The Cabert distinction lies in fact in its owners, belonging to some of the oldest and most acclaimed families in the region.

Men with a background of centuries of passion and keen attention for the grapevine, a cultural heritage handed down from father to son through the generations.